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Reach Serenity by Encouraging Global Market

In this century, we know that the competition in business increases day by day. In addition, in facing the globalization era, we have to compete one another in business. As we know, the competition is growth fast, by the validity of free trading era. It forces the people to encourage each other to join the international trading.

One of our dreams is to make the people have role in global market. By joining the global market, we also have role in money circulation in the world, so we will get the benefit from it. That thing is actualized by us by the making of “VISIMITRA“. Our vision is build bridges between your company and your personal serenity, and one of the steps to reach out that vision is by building bridges between your company and global market, and you will get your serenity.

Reach Serenity by Participating in Global Technology

Nowadays, technology is needed by many people in the world, and in fascinating movement, it comes more user friendly. It means that many people have already known about technology and they able to use any kind of technology. Furthermore, the technology has been used in many activities in daily life of human being in order to make their life become more efficient, easier, simpler, and effective. In fact, to face that reality, the company has to accelerate their movement with technology, so they will be a trustworthy company, have sensitivity to technology, and finally, bring customer satisfaction.

In reaching the purpose to build bridge between your company and customer satisfaction, we provide steps which start by building bridge between your company and global technology through the making of “VISIMITRA“, and you will reach your serenity.

Thank you for visiting our website. Visi Mitra are group of company with this website our vision is to build bridges between your company and your personal serenity. One of our first steps to reach out vision, reaching the purpose to build bridges between our customer companies and global technology named VISIMITRA which is get benefit from Computer and Information Technology.

Vision and Mission


Become a Leading and Trusted Company in Systems Integration and ICT Distribution in Timor Leste


1. Communicate and establish good cooperation with international IT vendors and local partners.
2. Providing solutions for the integration of ICT systems in Timor Leste
3. Provide ICT needs in all district of Timor Leste
4. Enhance IT community in Timor Leste by organizing IT education and IT events
5. Establish and improve local human resources


We hold value for Visimitra Unipessoal Lda is T.E.C.H
Trustworthy: Able to be relied on as honest or truthful.
Excellence: The quality of being outstanding or extremely good in service
Competitive: Having a feature that makes for successful competition and having a strong desire to compete or to succeed.
Humility: A modest or low view of one’s own importance; humbleness.


The word “Visimitra”, in Bahasa Indonesia has two phrases, Visi and Mitra.
Visi, means vision based on purpose.
The founder of Visimitra  believes “Living on purpose is the only way to really live. Everything else is just existing.” and purpose can draw the view of our future. The complete drawing of it called “Vision”.
Mitra means partner.
Visimitra in complete word means “partner to reach out the vision“.

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Where to find us:

Head Office

Visimitra Distributor & IT Solution & System IntegratorRua Av. Liberdade da Imprensa (Culuhun 57), Dili, Timor-Leste | tel. (670) 331 3002, 331 1089Email: sales at visimitra.tlWebsite: www.visimitra.tlFacebook pages: www.facebook.com/visimitraupstore

Showroom & Workshop

Timor Plaza, Rua Presidente Nicolau Lobato, Dili, Timor-Leste

Visimitra UPStoreApple Specialist– Apple lifestyle & service center

Unit #206 & #227, tel. (670) 3311 535

Visimitra UPStore APC & Acer – Backup Power & Acer Solution

Unit #277, tel. (670) 3310 073

Visimitra UPStore Dell – IT Complete Solution

Unit #277, tel. (670) 3310 278